To book online on, customers please ensure the meet the following requirements:

1. Copyright

All contents and images available on website: is not used on our website withour being copied under any forms.

2. Age

You must be aged 18 years or older to make bookings on website

3. Methods of Payment

Customers can make payment via one of the following methods:

Credit card or ATM: By the time when you agree to make payment with a credit card or ATM, the total costs (information attached) will be notified on the booking page before you click ‘’Accept’’. As for credit card, based on the national currency and your card issuing bank, card providers will charge extra fees (foreign exchange rate and other fees) with your consent and card issuers.

Cash: At the time of booking when customers agree to make deposit to our company by telephoning or transfering money to our bank account, you will receive a booking confirmation code. Or you can make transaction directly at our office within 24 hours from the time of booking confirmation.

4. Confirmation of booking information

Booking information is last confirmed when you accomplish your booking payment. Conversely, reservations might be cancelled if you fail to make needed transactions within 24 hours from the time of booking on We cannot ensure any booking information until we send the final confirmation email.

5. Changes in Booking Information:

Our staffs will make our best to assist clients in adjusting booking information; however, we cannot guarantee that adjustments will be fully made. Please note information below:

Hotel bookings at a specific time or rooms that are not free of cancellation are not eligible to cancel or adjust and such information will be shown on our website or accomodation details of room providers (Please see Hotels’ Policies of Cancellation), customers should review information carefully before making a reservation. Furthermore, we also apply the management fee to requests on room adjustment or cancellation which have been accepted by hotels (additional fees besides cancellation fees required by hotels) If there is a failure of room cancellation or customer being unable to check in on time/ no show, customers have to make payment to the hotels according to their policies of cancellation.

6. Registration Requirements:

Information on your credit card is confidential and will not be notified to the third party. Moreover, customers might be asked to provide your card details and corresponding signature in order to ensure charged incurred (if any). The register must be 18 or over. ID must be presented if asked so that hotel staffs can guarantee whether booking information is accurate.

Additionally, to limit fake credit cards, 12TRIP might ask customers to present ID when booking in order to reconfirm the cardholders. A copy of your credist card or ID might also be retained to eliminate counterfeit cards and confirm the credit card issuer in case of any incidents. This information can be provided by hotel staffs.

7. Website Information:

We endeavor to commit all the correct information will be displayed on the site; however, please note that the information can also be edited by the hotels, so we can not guarantee all the information is completely accurate or without any errors. We reserve the right to change information showned on the site (including the Terms and Conditions) any time without notice.

8. Responsibilities:

We will not be responsible for any damage, loss, liability, claim or charges (including the following reasons: consequences directly or indirectly caused customers’ carelessness) generated from our website relating to the products or the services performed on the page.

We do not warrant or represent accommodations or services on the site or any linked sites. Our responsibility is only make reservations. We are committed to rent available rooms provided by the member hotels and we do not take responsilbilty if there are no spare rooms as the hotel leased excessive rooms.