We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. Please read the Privacy Policy below to better understand the commitments we make to respect and protect the interests of our visitors. This Privacy Policy explains how we receive, use and (in certain circumstances) disclose your personal information.

The policy will also explain the steps we take to protect the privacy of our customers. Finally, the Privacy Policy will explain your choice of the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

Protecting your personal data and building your trust is a very important issue for us. Therefore, we will use the name and other information relating to you in accordance with the content of the Privacy Policy. We only collect the necessary information related to the purchase transaction. We will keep the customer's information for the time required by law or for any purpose. You can access the website and the browser without having to provide personal details. At that time, you are anonymous and we can not know who you are unless you sign in to your account.


1. Collection of personal information

We will collect many different information about you when you want to place your order on our website.

We collect, store and process your information for the purchase process and for subsequent notices, and to provide the service. We do not limit personal information: title, name, gender, date of birth, email, address, telephone and fax numbers, payment details, payment details by card or bank account details.

We will use the information you have provided to process your order, provide the services and information requested through the website and upon your request. Furthermore, we will use that information to manage your account; Verify and conduct online transactions, audit the download of data from the web; Improve site layout and content and tailor it to users; Identify visitors to the web, research demographics, send information including product and service information, if you have no signs of refusal. If you do not wish to receive any of our marketing information you can refuse at any time.

Online payments will be processed by our International Network agents. You only provide us or our Agent or website with accurate, non-confusing information and must notify us of any changes.

Your order details are kept by us, but for security reasons we do not publish directly. However, you can access information by logging into the account on the web. Here, you'll see your order details, received products and sent items, and email, bank and newsletter details that you set up for long-term follow-up. You are committed to the privacy of your personal data and are not permitted to disclose to third parties. We do not take any responsibility for misuse of passwords if this is not our fault.


2. Other privacy regulations

We may use your personal information to market research, details will be hidden and only used for statistical purposes. You can refuse your participation at any time. Any answers to surveys or polls that we need you to do will not be passed on to third parties. The only necessity is to disclose your email if you want to participate. The answer will be kept separate from your email.


3. Assurance of Customer Interests:

Customer benefits are our top priority in the operation of our 12trip.vn website. In order to protect the interests of customers, website transaction management provides customers with basic and important information to know before joining the purchase and service on the website, ensuring customers to buy safely. . Customers should carefully review the information related to the products and services being traded on the transaction website: price, brand, specific support services, terms of use, address, delivery method Goods, payment method, bank account number and related information ... The website management board has requested traders to provide information such as business name, telephone number, Primary, business location, yahoo nickname, skype nick so that members directly contact and make transactions to buy products and services to ensure the transaction is accurate and secure.

Website management requires individuals to register as a customer and must provide all relevant personal information such as: Full name, address, email, people's identity card number, Account number, payment card number .... and be responsible for the legality of the above information.

The management of the website and 12TRIP Joint Stock Company is not responsible nor will it resolve any complaints related to the interests of that member in the case of personal information of that member provided upon initial registration. Is incorrect.

The management of e-commerce websites should provide consumers with important information to know before participating in payment transactions and services on websites, ensuring that consumers buy safely.

Management of e-commerce websites provides mechanisms / solutions / solutions to ensure transaction safety. For e-commerce websites having the function of online payment, the website management board must clearly state the mechanism of payment security of customers, handle complaints and compensate for damage in case of payment information of customers. Any unauthorized alteration, removal, copying, disclosure, unauthorized removal or misappropriation of the website may result in loss of or damage to the customer.

The collection and use of each customer's information shall be made only with the consent of the customer, unless otherwise provided for by law.

Customers have the right to self check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information or request e-commerce website to do this.


4. Protect personal information of customers

The purpose and scope of collecting customer information

The website collects customer information for information management, provides product code and post-purchase support, responds to customer inquiries or requests.

Scope of information collection: We collect personal information of customers when customers register their membership, and other information in the process of feedback on the quality of products and services, Shared customer stories.

The scope of the use of information

Customer information is only used in the management and business of the website, as well as for affiliates. We may also use the information we collect to inform customers of the products or services available on 12trip.com or its associated companies or to contact the customer for information. Customer perception of existing products and services or potential new products and services may be provided. Customer personal information may be shared with other companies, but only as needed to meet customer requirements or related purposes.

To provide services and information sufficient to ensure online payment or payment at the center, support customer care system, customer management, care and receive feedback from Client side.

Save data

a. Time of information storage: The company has a server system capable of storing customer information for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 10 years. During the operation, the company can enhance its ability to store information if necessary.

b. Address of collection and management unit of personal information:

Unit collecting and managing information: 12TRIP., JSC.

Address: 3rd Floor, VTC Online Building, No. 18 Tam Trinh Street, Minh Khai Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

c. Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data:

Users can access and edit their personal data through website 12trip.vn

The user logs into the account that he has registered on 12trip.vn and can edit his personal information.

Login can be done on a computer, phone, or other tools that access the website.

Commit to the privacy of your personal information

We only collect personal information in appropriate and necessary scope for our proper commercial purpose. And we maintain appropriate measures to ensure the safety, integrity, accuracy, and confidentiality of the information provided by the user. In addition, we take reasonable steps to ensure that third parties also use safeguards for the information that we provide to them.

Personal information, the user's personal information is collected, stored and protected in a strict, accurate and confidential manner.

The enterprise establishes software that collects and stores information separately and is implemented solely by the server system of the enterprise and the backup server system.

The confidentiality of personal information and personal information of users is absolute and will not be presented to any third party unless required by the competent State authority.

Enterprise establishes a system to protect personal information of users in the following forms:

Set up the firewall system to prevent the form of network attacks.

Technical staff, employees of the company regularly monitor all activities of the website. Ensure all attacks from all sides are detected in time and taken preventive measures.

Personal information, personal information of the user will be stored in accordance with the steps and strictly enforced in accordance with the provisions of the law.


5. Management of bad information

List of prohibited products / Notices

The company will provide a list of prohibited products for the user to know, on that basis to avoid violations in the product posting.

User can not:

Advertising products, services, services banned business in accordance with the law: tobacco, alcohol. Milk substitutes for breast milk for infants under 24 months of age, nutritional supplements for children under 6 months of age; Feeding bottle and artificial breast. Prescription drugs; Non-prescription drugs but recommended by competent state agencies to restrict the use or use under the supervision of physicians. Types of products, sexual nature. Hunting and ammunition firearms, sports weapons and other products of a nature of incitement to violence. Other advertising banned products and services shall be prescribed by the Government when they arise in reality.